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Why choose Flexcro ?

If you are looking to build the best in business applications then Flexcro Solutions is the right path for your success. 

Our success lies in our customers success along with their growth. We strive to maintain the security of our customers.

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Big Data Solutions

We are experts in executing Big Data Projects. Our consultants have huge 3+ years of experience on Bigdata Solutions. Contact us for more info. 

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Mobile Apps Development

Multiple Module Styles

We are experts in developing and supporting mobile apps in iPhone , iPad , Android phone and Tablets.

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ERP Implementation & Support

Flexcro ERP Skills

We are experts in implementing and supporting ERP systems like Oracle E Business Suite , SAP and People Soft.

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Introducing Flexcro Solutions

Welcome to Flexcro Solutions. We are driven by Huge passion to serve in the field of IT. Our highly qualified consultants who work across the globe have successfully implemented and supported many ERP systems.

We have a huge pool of talent on Big Data , Mobile apps and Oracle ERP. Our great initiative drive to develop the best Big Data Solutions , mobile apps in the market that makes us the best sought company across the corporate world .

Our clients consist of world class organizations with visionary leadership ,  executives that lead their companies into the future through the utilization of new and developing technologies.Flexcro's partnership program and development teams ensure that your vision of what the future looks like becomes a reality. 

Flexcro Solutions on the Big Data:

Flexcro Solutions thinks Big with out Big Data Expertise. We have been investing a lot of time , money and effort into our Big Data products to benefit all the business verticals. We have developed Big Data Solutions in the medical field. 

Our consultants have  around 10+ years of experience in the IT field involving J2EE and around 3 years of experience on Big Data Hadoop , No SQL Database like Hbase , Cassandra , Mongo DB etc. Contact us if you need more info about our capabilities. Our skill sets are as follows :

  1.  BIG Data Hadoop
  2.  Cassandra
  3.  Mongo DB
  4.  Hbase 
  5.  Machine Larning

Flexcro Solutions on the ERP:

Flexcro Solutions are great leaders in implementing ERP solutions to big, mid and small size companies. We are official Gold partners with Oracle Corp. Through our partnership program we tend to serve a lot of customers across the globe in implementing Oracle E Business Suite and People Soft ERP applications.

We are also in to implementing the biggest ERP called SAP. With in our 2 years of operation we have created a huge demand across the companies to implement the big ERP systems. With our highly sophisticated technical and functional team we achieved a lot of successful implementations in SAP ERP which no other company could achieve over a period of 2 years.

In simple we implement and support the following ERP systems :

  1.  Oracle E Business Suite 
  2.  SAP ERP System including SAP Business One for small and mid size business.
  3.  People Soft ERP system.

Flexcro on the Mobile Apps :

Flexcro has huge expertise in developing , enhancing and supporting Mobile apps. With the increase in demand for mobile apps day by day , we offer the best services in terms of development and support. Our good server setups inhouse and great talent pool of developers have created a huge demand among many corporate and consumer market. We have a huge corporate moible apps which helped us to gain the number position in the north american markets.

We develop , enhance and support the following mobile apps : 

  1. iPhone and iPad mobile apps.
  2. Android Phone and Tablets mobile apps.
  3. Windows 8 and Windows mobile apps.
  4. Blackberry mobile and playbook apps.

About Flexcro Solutions

Flexcro Solutions is one of the fast rising Service oriented company. We do a lot of research and training on the latest technologies to keep our employees up to date. We believe in going the extra mile to get a maximum customers satisfaction, Once our customers do a business with Flexcro Solutions then its not just business but a new relationship is build with us. 

Oracle E Business Suite

Oracle E BiztWe are professionals in implementing and supporting Oracle E Business Suite. Our experienced staff and high end technical team will make the implementation a piece of cake.


SAP Implementation

Docs / SupportFlexcro Solutions are experts in implementing SAP ERP System. With our huge experience in implementing SAP Business one for small and mid size Biz makes us one of the best service provider in the industry.


iPhone and iPad Mobile Apps

iPhone and iPad Mobile AppWe develop Corporate and Consumer level Mobile apps in iPhone and Ipad.We have a very cost effective model which makes customers not only happy with our delivered quality but also make them happy with our aggressive pricing.